Str8 Shooter will help eliminate shooters missing Left and Right!


As a coach and trainer for the past 30+ years I have not come across a better training aid for teaching consistency and mechanical correctness in shooting the ball. A client who demonstrate a free throw percentage of 62% put on a Str8 Shooter at a clinic and the results were outstanding. The father and I looked at each other and I ask do you see that? The ball was perfectly centered on the hand, ball spin went up, arc plan went up and movement efficiency was fluent as well a consistent free throw shooting percentage of 82% was achieved. Since then all of my clients I train use the Str8 Shooter during their shooting drills and they all personally own one. –Kevin Schmidt, Owner Westside Basketball Academy.

It allowed my shot to be consistent and helped my elbow to stay under the ball. Reed Hazard - Providence College, Lincoln High School

I always has a habit of flicking my wrist right or left and after using the Str8 Shooter just in a few weeks I completely broke the habit. It has made my shot a lot straighter and a lot more consistent. Kess LaCount - Century High School 2019

The key to a great shot is good form and consistency. The Str8 Shooter allowed me to eliminate the large variable that is the wrist flick at the end of a shot meaning the ball will fly straighter and with higher revolutions then if I wasn't wearing it. Through high repetitions with the Str8 Shooter I was able to build the correct muscle memory while maintaining the exact same flick on every shot. It gave me be more confidence that I was practicing the right way which in turn gave me more confidence to take and hit big shots in games. Austin Flues - Air Force, Century High School

My daughter has used the Str8shooter and has for years. It helped her learn proper technique and she always goes back to it when she feels like her shot needs a tune-up. It will definitely go with her as she heads off to college next year. Janelle Clinton - Brooke Clinton Lakeridge High School